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Yeh Der purchased Moldex 3D and Hypermill K-Mold software in 2005 to make molds more efficiently and precisely.

1. Moldex3D

is capable of predicting the filling, packing, and cooling processes of the injection molding and volumetric shrinkage of the plastic materials, which helps to decide the right positions of gates, cycle time and the right plastic material, etc.

Moldex is the abbreviation of "Mold Expert". This software is capable of simulating the filling, packing, and cooling processes of the injection molding and the warping of the plastic parts ejection. In addition, it helps to precisely predict distribution variables (including the flow, temperature, pressure, shear stress, and volumetric shrinkage of the plastic materials) at the end of every process before opening the mold. The time-history curves of variables such as sprue pressure variation and clamping force, the possible locations of welding lines and air traps are also predictable with the Moldex application. In addition, Moldex can be used for evaluating the efficiency of the cooling system and estimating the shrinkage and warpage issues for the product beforehand.

Modex3D is the latest developed three-dimensional analysis software. It contains not only the functions as described above, but also utilizes pioneering FVM technology. What this new FVM technology can provide are the capability of analyzing the real conditions that can't be solved by STL and Midplane analysis, speedy and accurate calculation, extra humanistic operating interface and latest 3-D technology that is able to display every analysis result realistically. All these functions are designed to facilitate learning and operating. At present, Moldex3D has already released Flow/Pack/Cool/Warp/Fiber modules in both shell and solid series.
Plastic Gears
Plastic Gears
Plastic Gears
Plastic Gears
2. Hypermill K-mold

Hypermill K-mold
is advanced software of 3D injection mold design. With knowledge and experience of Yeh Der΅¦s mold-making engineers, K-mold helps them to reduce errors, and get shorter lead time.

Plastic Gears
  • Constructed Knowledge base mold-base design
    Reducing the repeated working process for design Engineer-Easy to use Use definable environments Use defined part D/B and working pattern saving facility

  • Earlier mold manufacture and delivery date by reduced design period Efficiency to development /release new-product
    Improvement of productivity-general mold quality improvement

  • Standardization of mold design
    Associativity with CAM, CAE-reducing nferiority rate
    Interference checking between the ejector pin and cooling system Interference checking between the mold part and 3Dmodel

  • Shape base hybrid parametric solid modeling
    NURBS surface product development
    Very flexible and fast to design changing

  • Associative Operating
    Associative relationship between 3D modeling data and 2D drawing Associative relationship between 3D rt and Mold base
    2.5D design-Easy to modify, Edit and update 3D and 2D
    (Automatic drawing generation function Various types of 2D utilities)

  • Draft support
    Part List table (BOM) automatic generation of 2D or to file
    Make Ejector pin list for each 2D draft
    Designing information
    (Cooling hole list, Hole list, Solid information)